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Art is the highest form of hope and faith, and the boldest form of self-expression. Creativity - the greatest rebellion in existence. It takes courage to create and share our work. Both art and creativity are based on non-conformity and rooted in possibility. Their right of existence lies in providing an opportunity for a space to shape itself around a concept. “The truth of art lies in its power to break the monopoly of established reality to define what is real.” - Herbert Marcuse Artistic work is both a matter of survival and a chance to learn how to thrive. It helps us achieve stability and restore the connection to the core of our inner being. We go through a fragile process of filtering perceptions, learning, un-learning and re-learning how to listen, look and see before giving birth to new realities. We allow ourselves to become who we are. Yet both vulnerability and authenticity require practice. Exposing the core of our being to a world of friends and strangers to love, critic

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