I am an abstract artist and writer. My creations gravitate around concepts such as time, identity, defiance and consciousness. To me, art is oxygen, freedom  and the highest form of faith in life. A strong desire to achieve artistic wholeness inspires me to integrate verbal and visual expression.

I love working with geometric and surface patterns, floral motives, and the interplay of texture and color in abstract work.

Artist Statement

I feel intuitively drawn to complexity and the opportunity to understand, deconstruct or transform it into new perspectives in my creations. Art is my playground for establishing connections between seemingly disparate subjects.

My work accommodates contrasts and dualities into harmonious yet provocative realities. It is an attempt at regaining a sense of freedom and wholeness by bringing together fragmented experiences. In a very real sense, I keep learning who I am on the canvas.

Creative Process

The starting point of my creative process is usually a trigger: a word or a concept followed by contemplative meditation. Language is very important medium to me and verbal expression almost always precedes envisioning. Unlike many visual artists, I do not shy away from seeking inspiration in language.

Once I'm able to verbalize and see something in my mind's eye clearly, I turn to the canvas and allow it to further guide me. I let the limited blank space to shape itself around my vision freely, trusting and listening to the the materials I've chosen to work with. I give strong preference to working in series/projects as this provides me with an opportunity of going deep into a theme or a technique.

If a creative process can be summed up at all, mine could be described as a seeking to integrate verbalizing and visualizing, intention and intuition, faith and risk taking.

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