Patches of Longing (collection)

"Presence", 2021 (sold)

If you run out of words,
Speak to me with your presence.
If you run out of secrets,
Let your silence answer me.
For we are each other’s teachers, stories and journeys.
Or simply truths crafted in hindsight committed to oblivion.

"Velvet Space", 2021 (sold)

That velvet space
Between two wor(l)ds
Containing options and questions
Scaffolding freedom,
Guiding attention,
Hosting imagination....
"Metamorphosis", 2021 (sold)

Transformation is neither linear nor reasonable.
It knows no rules, only vague principles.
It takes circles and cycles to learn how to build the future.
It asks us to believe before we can see.
And to feel before we can possess.
To transform ourselves is to transform everything.
As everything comes from within us.
Existence is our only temple and
To create - our most sacred ritual.
"Limitless", 2021 (sold)

I wish to rebuild our shrines of oblivion
So we can see each other
For the first time again.
Let faith overrule
The mechanics of Time
And turn us, the experts on Life, back into explorers
Of unwalked paths and wild heartbeats.
Can we find out the limits of our new impossible
And prove it wrong again?
"Elastic Time", 2021 (sold)

Where darkness meets light, everything begins.
Purple shadows keeping secrets from suns old and new.
We wander across definitions of space,
Leaving footprints on confused canvases.
Time watches us -
Elastic, disloyal,
Forever luring us into the illusion of linearity.
We discount the 'now' as it happens in passing,
Almost by chance,
And we keep chasing
Memories of the future.



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